Note Well The contents of this directory is explained in detail at www.swamid.se. In order to use any of these files you must either be a member of SWAMID or accept the SWAMID Metadata Terms of Use(en).

 Warning The old SWAMID metadata signing key, with metadata located at md.swamid.se, expired on May 1st 2017. The metadata signed with the old key is now unusable. The new signing key and the metadata signed by it is located here at mds.swamid.se.

Signing Key

The SWAMID metadata is signed with the key found in md-signer2.crt which has SHA256 fingerprint


Production Metadata

These are metadata feeds to be consumed by SWAMID members and relying parties:

SWAMID version 2.0 main metadata feed.
Aggregate of all SWAMID 2.0 registered identity providers. This is intended to be used by relying parties (SPs) who want to be able to communicate with identity providers in the local SWAMID ring of trust.
Aggregate of all SWAMID 2.0 and SWAMID interfederation identity providers. This is intended to be used by relying parties (SPs) who want to be able to communicate with the full set of identity providers in the full transitive SWAMID ring of trust.
All IdPs and SPs excluding all interfederation IdPs. Only for use with discovery services.

Other files in this directory are explained below:

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[TXT]swamid-tou-en.txt2015-09-24 06:28 3.2K 
[TXT]swamid-tou-sv.txt2015-09-24 06:28 3.1K 
[   ]md-signer2.crt2016-12-06 09:28 2.0K 
[   ]swamid-2.0.xml2019-10-22 07:08 51M 
[   ]swamid-no-interfederation-combined.xml2019-10-22 07:08 4.9M 
[   ]swamid-discovery.xml2019-10-22 07:08 4.9M 
[   ]swamid-idp.xml2019-10-22 07:08 589K 
[   ]swamid-idp-transitive.xml2019-10-22 07:08 29M 
[   ]swamid-registered.xml2019-10-22 07:08 4.9M 
[   ]swamid-testing-1.0.xml2019-10-22 07:08 5.8M 
[   ]swamid-testing-idp-1.0.xml2019-10-22 07:08 515K 
[   ]swamid-edugain-testing-1.0.xml2019-10-22 07:08 31K 
[   ]swamid-edugain-1.0.xml2019-10-22 07:08 856K 
[   ]swamid-fiv-test.xml2019-10-22 07:08 49K 
[   ]swamid-ki-sll-1.0.xml2019-10-22 07:08 39K 

Interfederation upstream

These are feeds that are consumed by interfederation aggregators such as Kalmar2 or eduGAIN. These should not be consumed by anyone except the relevant federation operator.

Production Kalmar upstream
Production eduGAIN upstream


Only for testing

Test edugain testing upstream
Testing Kalmar upstream

Special projects

Production KI-SLL interfederation
Test Federation i Väst upstream
Aggregate of all SWAMID 1.0 and 2.0 SPs and IdPs excluding any interfederation IdPs. Only for use in SWAMID discovery services


Do not use:swamid-no-interfederation-combined-1.0.xml